Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's to late to apologize

The other night I got home from work pretty late but by time I got in bed I was still to wound from the day to sleep so I turned the TV on and watched one of my recorded shows, Army Wives.

I don't know if anyone watched it last year or this year but last season there was a suicide bomber and he ended up killing the daughter of one of the women on the show. Well in the episode I watched the other night the sister of the suicide bomber went to the family of the girl to ask forgiveness.

While I was watching this show I was struck by something that never occurred to me before. Not once in the month or so since my sisters death has the man that killed her or any of his friends or family reached out to mine to say sorry. Do I think his family or friends should be held accountable? No but do I think in this type of situation they should offer up some type of condolence? Most definitely.

This man or should I say coward got behind the wheel of his car drunk off his ass, speed hit my sister, killed her and then fled the scene of the accident and after all of that he has said nothing! And you look on his myspace page and you see all these people telling him how much they love him, are there for him and support him, yet not one of them has reached out to my family. None of them have encouraged him to own up to what he's done. NOTHING.

I actually read a blog one of his friends posted on her myspace page and she had the nerve to talk about how horrible he must feel and what he's going through. If he felt so horrible why hasn't he said anything? And then she had the nerve to say that he should remember that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. WTF?! Is she saying that that asshole was preordained to hit and kill Hannah? OMG that girl better pray I never see her on the street cause it just might be preordained for me to kick her ass.

After what he did I don't know why it would shock me that he wouldn't apologize and even if he did? Well lets just say it's to late for that now anyway.

~ Nicole


Rowena said...

I'm on all caught up on Army Wives, I watched that episode that you're talking about...and I know what you mean.

Amen to everything you said! =)

Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

I always miss Army Wives somehow but I get the drift your sending.

I can't believe he hasn't apologized. I understand his friends being there for him but that whole "meant to be thing" is total bullshit. He's an asshole who drove drunk. He's not the one who has to pay for it with his life. End of Story. Those people have some nerve.

Lori said...

I keep hearing about that show... need to start watching it!

Back on topic... NOT that I'm making excuses, because I don't think there are any excuses for what he did - not even in the slightest... but I imagine that his family has no idea whatsoever what to say to yours. As I said, not an excuse, but perhaps a reason why they haven't made contact?

As for him, I like to think he's so ashamed he can't bring himself to face you all, and will as soon as he can work up the courage. Like you said, it'll likely be too little, too late.

Whatever the reason, I don't blame you for being upset and angry about it.

Nicole said...

I just hope that they are the reasons. But somehow I dont' think so. I get so mad when I look on this guys myspace page and see that his 'mood' is 'hopeful'. Uggg. Please I just think that he shouldn't be able to have any hope of a future because of what he did to Hannah. Hannah can't hope to meet her husband now, she can't hope to have her children, she can't hope to have a fun girls night with her sisters. She can't hope for anything. So for him to sit in jail and have the freedom to go on the computer, hang on his myspace and say how hopeful he is angers me.

Shiela & Rowena,
Thanks I love you girls.

Seneca said...

I understand totally.
And I can't imagine why no one has stepped foward to say something, anything to you.

A friend of ours recently killed a man. He was being chased through town by the police, and ran over a man who was waiting at a bus stop. THe man died instantly. :(

I sent a condolances card to his family. I didn't have to, but I felt the need to.

Lori said...

So for him to sit in jail and have the freedom to go on the computer, hang on his myspace and say how hopeful he is angers me.

Agreed. That totally sucks the big one. I don't get that at all.